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How to make your picture look good ?

A guide to make your pictures look stunning .

Wondering how to make your pictures look great ? Thinking about why your pictures don't turn out looking great ? Are you looking for a secret to good pictures ?

In recent times , it is important to have a strong Instagram game . In today’s world of visual content , the art of photography has proved to be essential and integral .

Whether you are a pro or a beginner ,it is important to make your pictures stand out .

A good picture is an amalgamation of a few things .

The most important element is lighting . It’s the secret behind great pictures . Lighting at different times of the day will provide you with different effects . The golden hour is the best time for a photoshoot . You can choose natural light or artificial depending upon what mood would you\like to set for your pictures . Artificial lights like ring lights , flash , umbrella , soft box , model light etc. can be used to elevate your pictures .

Another important secret to great pictures is to follow the rule of thirds in photography . So, what exactly is the rule of thirds ?

It's simple: Rather than centering your subject, the Rule of Thirds encourages a shift in perspective. It's a guideline that directs you to place the subject in the left or right of the image . This leaves the other two thirds more open . Following it will probably result in a well composed picture leaving them highly aesthetic . This in turn makes the picture look more appealing and eye-catching to the eyes .

Another element to follow is playing with colors and contrasts . You can make your picture pop by enhancing the contrast between the elements of your photo .

Adjust the saturation and vibrancy to elevate the picture .

Don't underestimate the power of post processing of a photograph . Don't shy away from editing and use editing tools to fine-tune exposure, contrast, and color balance, experiment with filters and presets, but try not to over Edit as it can detract from the natural beauty of your photograph.

A steady hand is also what is important for photography. However, an in-depth knowledge of angles and compositions in combination with a creative mind is what will make your photos stand out .

Apart from these , if required , you need to crop your pictures and highlight the focus on your subject making your picture look aesthetic and remove the unwanted areas from the picture .

To enhance the sharpness of your photo in Photoshop, utilize the Clarity and Structure tools to elevate contrast around edges, providing a crisp and well-defined look. Experiment with these features to find the ideal balance for your image, as they offer various types of sharpness. By navigating through the Clarity slider in the Camera Raw Filter, you can intensify mid-tone contrast without sacrificing natural aesthetics. Additionally, employ the High Pass filter for structural enhancement, adjusting the radius to highlight edges. Through thoughtful experimentation with these tools, you can achieve a visually striking and polished result.

Sharpening your pictures is another way to make your picture stand out . Sharpening your pictures means increasing contrast at the edges .

Get and use a green screen as it is helpful to change background If you want to change up your background or it is also useful if you want to add in a background that is in accordance with what you are about to shoot or want to shoot , you can opt for a green screen. This allows to change quickly the graphics and also allows you to add in whatever background you want, making it interesting and clear .

Apart from these try to plan your outfit and shoot ideas prior to a shoot .

To look great on camera, you need to think about your posture, body positioning, and eye contact. Place the camera in a way to get the best angle, but you also need to use good posture, especially if you are sitting while filming.

Eye contact is important as well. Make eye contact with the camera and audience, even though you can’t see the audience , it's similar to what you do in a face-to-face conversation. Look directly into the camera for more impactful shots .

Smiling , taking more candid shots or making a powerful expression on your face will keep them engaged . Make sure you keep the background in accordance to what you want your shoot to be like . For example ; if you are shooting in a kitchen then you don't want people to see your mess , your unwashed dishes or unkept slab etc. You need to make them look clean and aesthetic which in turn is pleasing to watch and adds an extra element to your picture .

Although ,white background is the best to use for a shoot .

Try new filters , props or lighting to enhance your pictures and make them engaging and interesting .

Make sure to wear the right clothes or ask your model to wear the right clothes for the shoot like avoid wearing something very reflective or shiny , avoid loud patterns and make sure your clothes compliment the background as you should not wear green or blue if you have blue or green screen as your background .

Follow and upgrade your pictures !


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