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Mac magazine is the best selling magazine that is available in print and digital copies focusing on Fashion & Beauty, Boudoir and swimwear providing the latest trends. It includes the latest styles in fashion, beauty, boudoir and swimwear.

A relevant magazine that believes in giving the talents an opportunity to grow and boost their career.

Mac magazine provides the Models, photographers and makeup artists worldwide,  a chance to showcase their talent to the world.

Mac magazine provides a fast delivery so that the readers do not miss any latest edition. We believe in great customer service and hence, provide our customers  the best assistance. 

Mac magazine helps the models to get featured on the front cover which inturn gives them a career boost. 

Mac magazines is a one stop destination for beauty tips, fashion inspirations, latest trends and interviews of the top models and photographers.



Mac magazine has built its foundation on delivering authentic, truthful and trustworthy content that provides latest updates and trends .We are proud to build a community of  more than 50k people who have trusted us with growth prospects as reliable sources in the industry

On time delivery

Mac magazine believes in the attribute of Punctuality therefore providing on time delivery with quality and timely content of the latest fashions and trends as  expected, every time with each edition .

 In - depth Analysis

Mac magazine is a platform to showcase our commitment to in depth analysis focusing on individual preferences and branching out in various aspects like fashion and beauty, boudoir and swimwear providing our readers with latest trends not just from runway but fashion trends globally .

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