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10 Cow Print Nails To Try, Don't Be a Cow-ard!

Welcome nail art admirers! Get ready to ditch your boring nails and explore the world of chic and playful cow print nails, which are trending on almost all social media platforms. Starting from sweet and short cow print nail ideas to daring acrylics, everything is at your fingertips and in the comfort of your home. 

Furthermore, elevate your manicure sport with this guide, where all your wishes to get long and classic cow print French tip nails will come true! Now buckle up to understand a wide range of pink and brown hues to achieve that pastoral yet fashionable look. So without any further delay, let's dive in to know the art of excelling at cow print nails that are sure to draw all the nearby attention. 

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Best 15 Cow Print Nail Ideas to Checkout

Classic Black and White Cow Print:

To get you started, here is one of the ageless cow print nail trends. Recreating this print is a no-brainer; just coat the base white and then use a dotter tool emersed in black polish to make the classic spot.


Short and Sweet Cow Nails:

Never stress yourself out if your nails are short. This perfect cow print nails short and sweet design will work wonders on your nails. It's a classic black and white polka dot work that will take only a few minutes to recreate.

Glamorous Cow Print Acrylics:

For people who crave cow print nails long, acrylic long nails will act as a base for your amazing cow print with added depth by using brown and white colours.

French Tip with a Cowgirl Twist:

Cow print nails French tip, yes here is your favourite French tip print that will completely transform your Normie nails. Sprinkling just a few spots close to the cuticles.

Pretty in Pink Cow Print Nails:

Enough of black and white prints, let’s explore some vibrant options that will call out your girly core. In this cow print nail method, pink is used as the base, and the prints are made from a pallet of brown.

Earthy Brown Cow Print:

This print is best suited to attain that subtle Western look by using two different shades of the same colour. Like using light browns as the base and making the splotches using a darker shade of brown.  

Playful Neon Cow Print:

For the adventurous and bold girls out there, this print is a must. Very vibrant neon colours are used to polish the base. And the original black spots are layering those vibrant colours.  

Cow Print with a Hint of Gold:

Gold is always used to give a touch of luxury and a royal feel. Use a thin brush to dip it in the gold shade and draw splotches using this amazing colour. 

Abstract Cow Print Design:

Sometimes being the odd one out is unique, so this pattern is all about irregular black shots that indicate a not-so-perfect cow print.

Cow Print with a Smiley Face:

Humans are born with a boon to smile at will, which adds to the cute element of humans just like this cow print nail. That is extra kawaii(cute), just add a smiley on accent nails. 

Ombre Fade Cow Print:

As the name suggests this print is all about gradient and fading, where you use white and other light shades to make a gradient colour before painting the spots.

Reverse Cow Print:

For a contrast effect, paint one hand with white as the base and black spots and the other will be vice-versa i.e. the base should be black and spots should be made using white for extra unexpected kick.

Rhinestone Cow Print:

Increase the charm of your cow print manicure using Rhinestones. Indeed, by using them creatively, either by clustering them or by making patterns through them.

Mismatched Cow Print:

The mismatch is a new trend, use your creativity to the max in this cow print nail pink. When using different shades as bases like pink and brown, many mesmerising prints are formed.  

Cow Print Nail Art with a Character:

Are you more of an artist? Try out making a Kawaii(cute) cow illustration on one of your nails, and cover it by using basic cow prints on the rest of the nails.


Trends often change very fast in this era, but this trend of cow print nails will remain without budging for a while. Moreover, there are very unique combinations in this genre: short nails, long nails, acrylic nails and whatnot! 

Hence, it gets troublesome to understand the procedure behind these trendy prints, but never worry when you can just read an awesome guide that explains all the fundamentals. From using cow print nails brown and pink as base to French tips giving a minimalist look. Keep practising so that one day you can flex your best cow print nails on social media.


What is the easiest way to do nail art?

If you are a complete newbie, nail polish strips are available in market which can save you lots of time and effort. Basically, these are pre-designed patterns which can be pasted on nails and then just layer nail polish over the sticker. Later just remove the sticker.

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