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Chaira Oligny's Journey

Can you give us a bit of background on how you started your career and how you evolved? What changes have you seen in you from beginning to here?

- I started as a child whit modeling. In the puberty it was just fun and a hobby for me. After my puberty I saw it as my job. I get various requests of agencys. But in that period I studied. My school was also important for me. So I declined the requests. When I get my diploma, I started whit modeling for a agency in London. It was a beautifull time. I traveled to many countries cause of my work. In the mean time I joined a beauty contest. I got two titels in that period. Miss Globe Luxembourgh and Miss Globe International. After the beauty contest go back to my country The Netherlands to become a business woman. At the moment I work as a law advisor. A period back I participated for a new beauty contest. I'm the Finalist for Mrs. Netherlands Universe 2023. I want to represent my country at the international beauty contest.

What been the biggest highlight in your career so far?

- The fact that I can support to stop domestic violence against woman. Since I'm back from London I support this. This is possible cause of my job law advisor and now as a finalist of Mrs. Netherlands Universe 2023. Because my organisation support it also. I'm so proud to them!

What's your dream and goal which you want achieve in your career?

- To support people who is in need. I'm convinced that this is the most valuable goal in the world.

Using one word how would you describe your passion?

- Enthusiasm!

Who is the person that inspires you the most and why?

- My mother, beacause she is a beautifull and a strong woman. She is the defination of a good example for the humanity.

If you have the power to share anything with the world, what would that be?

- Peace and love. Because there is a lack in the world at the moment. There happening so many bad situations like the war. I whis I could stop it.

What are your goals for the near furture and do you have any exiting projects wich you want to share with all the readers?

- Via this way I can announce that I am the face of a new brand, Matties.

If you could say one thing to someone younger who looks up to you, what would you say?

- Follow your dreams and where your hearts belong!


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