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Future Stars on Ice: Dallas Stars community initiatives reaching kids in Mexico City

It’s a dream for many to see the next hockey superstar hailing from south of the border! Dallas Stars community initiatives reaching kids in Mexico City, to make that dream come true. The Mexican kids are now approached by the innovative initiative of Dallas Stars to motivate them and ignite the passion for the sport in those fresh athletes.

We will cover this exciting program in this blog post, by knowing how the Dallas Stars are  breaking the limits and laying a foundation for the sport in distant new places. This initiative is not only to empower young talent, but it will also play a key role in connecting the people of both neighboring countries. 

Moreover, we will talk about Montoya, also known as Al Montoya. Indeed, he was the pioneer of the initiative. So without any further delay let’s dive in!

Dallas Stars community initiatives reaching kids in Mexico City

"Learn to Play" Takes Hockey to Mexico City

The heat of competitiveness on the ice is a new type of heat building south of the border—forget the searing fajitas! With their ground-breaking "Learn to Play" program in Mexico City, the Dallas Stars are bringing their love of hockey to a global audience. This is about exposing a whole new generation of kids to the sport, not just selling jerseys and growing a fan base.

Imagine the excitement of watching a four-year-old in Mexico City put on skates for the first time and glide across the ice, a far cry from the comfortable, familiar feel of a soccer field. A six-week program called "Learn to Play" is intended especially for kids between the ages of four and ten.  It offers an enjoyable and secure setting where they may pick up the foundations of hockey, including teamwork, stick handling, and basic skating. 

However, the program provides more than just exercise. It ignites a love for the fast-paced game, builds camaraderie, and promotes sportsmanship. It is a collab between the NHL (National Hockey League) and the Dallas Stars to execute this international dream. 

This brings on many perks like best-in-class equipment, qualified instructors, and a well-researched curriculum to get the best out of young talent. The program’s pioneer Al Montoya has dedicated his valuable time to bringing life to this program. Let us now jump straight to know about Montoya.

Knowing about the first American-Cuban hockey player: About Montoya

Even though the Dallas Stars is the driving force of the initiative, Al Montoya is the pivotal

first American-Cuban hockey player

pillar behind the whole project “Learn to Play”. This American-Cuban goalie holds a Cuban descent and has a crucial place in the history of the NFL, as he was the first Cuban-American to play in hockey history.

Furthermore, he has dedicated his time not only to the rink but to many off-the-field initiatives. He is aware with the transforming potential of hockey, having played professionally for a number of clubs, notably the Phoenix Coyotes (now the Arizona Coyotes).  

His ability to speak Spanish well enables him to establish a closer connection with the younger players, serving as a mentor and role model who encourages them to set lofty goals for themselves on the ice

Below is Al Montoya Wiki



Full Name

Álvaro Silva Montoya


February 13, 1985 (Chicago, Illinois)





NHL Teams

Phoenix Coyotes (now Arizona Coyotes), New York Islanders, Winnipeg Jets, Florida Panthers, Montreal Canadiens, Edmonton Oilers


First Cuban-American NHL Player


The Dallas Stars are changing the game in Mexico City by introducing a whole new generation to the wonders of hockey through their "Learn to Play" initiative. Dallas Stars community initiatives reaching kids in Mexico City under Al Montoya's direction, this revolutionary project is not only changing the game on the ice but also shattering stereotypes, promoting cross-cultural interactions, and inspiring kids to pursue their dreams. 

The groundwork is being done for hockey to become a major global sport in the future. Thus, be sure to check back for additional coverage of the "Learn to Play" program's revolutionary voyage in Mexico City! This is a story about commitment, community, and the transformative power of sports.


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